Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weeks 12 and 13: Keep on Keeping On

I was tempted to write a blog for week twelve but there was so little to write about, I thought surely there'd be more with week thirteen.  Well, not too much more. ;)  Here's a little about the last two weeks.

Week twelve was busy with usual life things: homeschooling, ballet, piano and piano tuning, and living life nauseous one moment at a time.  I did manage to go consignment shopping one day to finish up some spring clothing purchases for the kids.  And I had the dog groomed for the first time (she's five months old).  Our friends F and B (as I'll call them) came back from Texas to live with us again for a time.  They stayed with us for a year until last May.  That was an exciting homecoming.  Pregnancy-wise, nothing new but grateful for a continued pregnancy and health as much as we're aware.

Week thirteen was busier still.  I had the opportunity to teach a class at my church's Women's School on Monday night.  I very much enjoyed that though I had insane indigestion after eating a giant burrito just prior.  I'm not sure if it was my nerves or what but it did not settle well at all until the next evening!  Then, a good friend of mine came over and helped me tape off several rooms in my house.  We're getting ready to do a decent amount of painting and she volunteered to help get things prepped.  That was surprisingly enjoyable since we kept each other company.

Friday night, my sister and her family arrived.  They will be staying several days during their spring break and she'll be helping with the home improvement.  We're looking forward to time with them (we haven't been together since Thanksgiving), and it'll be the first of two weeks of Spring Break for us.

So, there it is.  I don't really have any exciting new news to share about pregnancy.  I'm still pretty nauseous and getting some hormonal skin breakouts.  Otherwise, things are pretty much the same, and steady.  Thankful for that.

Until next time.

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