Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weeks 9-11: Surprise announcement!

I know what you're thinking.  It's only been two weeks since she's written, so how is this a post about weeks 9-11?  Well, read on.

Not much of anything new during week nine really.  I was still nauseous though controllably so during the day.  The evenings are still pretty much shot.  I'm regularly in bed by nine or so to try to pretend I'm not sick to my stomach. ;)

Week ten brought much more fun.  Though the nausea did not let up, we got to hear the beautiful sound of the baby's heartbeat.   There are few sounds sweeter to my ears!  And then, because we were uncertain of the baby's due date (as I'd miscarried just prior), we got to have an ultrasound to better date the baby.  I just love ultrasounds!  Seeing those sweet baby movements is such a joy!  Here was the surprise.... week ten was not week ten at all!  It was week eleven!  Yep!  I was off a week in my dating and my due date actually go moved UP one week.  So now, we're due September 27 instead of October 3.  That was super exciting news.

On the downside, week eleven brought an increase in nausea.  It is becoming more and more difficult to control.  Here's the thing though.  Since becoming pregnant, I've had three different friends and acquaintances lose their babies at 7, 12, and 16 weeks.  As much as I'm truly not enjoying this nausea, I'm trying my hardest to be grateful for the reason.

I've gained five pounds in the first trimester.  That's actually quite a low number for me.  I typically gain 10 or more, though I have no idea how with all the nausea.  Looking forward to moving into the second trimester and Lord-willing, a decrease in the nausea.

Oh!  And a side-note and non-pregnancy related, Daniel finally cut his first tooth - just shy of 15mo old!

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