Saturday, March 1, 2014

Week 8: Improving but Still Nauseous

By God's grace, week eight finally brought improvement on the illness front.  I was convinced I just had a run of the mill respiratory virus but after further conversation with some friends, I think it may have actually been the flu.  This was the first time in years I haven't gotten the shot.  However, all the kid's did have the mist this fall.  That would also explain why they weren't all hit as hard as I was.  Either way, praise God it's over and done with.  I'm still fighting a tad bit of a drippy nose but I'll take that over all the other mess.

One thing that unfortunately did not let up was the nausea.  Yep.  It's here.  Yep.  It's definitely the pregnancy.  Fun times.  On the positive side, it's somewhat controllable by keeping my stomach full.  As soon as I start to get an empty stomach, I eat.  It's doesn't remove the nausea but it makes it more manageable.  As with my previous pregnancies, the night time seems to be the worst.  I've been hitting the bed by 9p each night just to escape the funk.  If I remember correctly, the nausea lasted until nearly 20 weeks with my last pregnancy.  I hope and pray that's not the case this time.  But if it is, by God's great grace, He'll see me through.

This weekend I had the privilege to attend my church's women's retreat.  The guest speaker was Jen Wilken .  It was a great time, with great women, learning to love and draw nearer to our great God.  I decided to stay the night at the hotel it was at with three other lovely ladies from my church.  Our first surprise was two double beds when we thought they were supposed to be queen size beds.  That was funny.  Considering our event did not end until 10:30 Friday night, I figured we'd all be tired and hit the bed pretty quickly.  However, as ladies tend to do, we were up chatting till around 1:00a and I was up at 6:15 to get ready for the day.  It was less sleep than I've gotten in quite some time but God has sustained me!

Lastly, I weighed myself this week.  I don't keep a scale at home so I'm not tempted to be constantly on it.  I gained FOUR pounds in two weeks!  Yep... And I wonder why my belly is getting big so fast!  I guess it's all that eating as soon as I feel nauseous.

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