Sunday, April 22, 2012

Week 6: Feeling Great

Many of you know I like to chronicle our pregnancies on a weekly basis. It gives me the opportunity to reflect, give thanks and then recall the details years later. So once again, our pregnancy posts begin. I'll start this round of them with week six reflections.

I can't believe I'm saying this as it's so not typical for me. But yes, I got through the entire sixth week of pregnancy feeling really good overall. Historically, I'm typically pretty sick as soon as the sixth week hits. Needless to say, I'm praising God and giving thanks e.v.e.r.y. s.i.n.g.l.e. day. What a tremendous blessing! It's still early and much can happen over the next several months but in the meantime, I'm super grateful.

So what symptoms have I had so far? I'm tired. That's been apparent. Not over the top so but definitely noticeable. Whenever I go for any length of time without eating (even just two hours), my stomach gets super crampy. But then within 10 minutes or so of eating, it's back to normal. Better than nauseous in my opinion. I just have to be sure to keep a few snacks available. I've also already noticed some other small, non-bloggable changes. :)
We've started the gender guessing game. It's been funny already, especially with the kids. Hannah, our organized, logically minded child says it's a boy. When asked why, she reasons that there are already 3 girls and only 2 boys in our family. So naturally, it has to be a boy. Benjamin says a girl. When asked why, he said, "Just cause." Sophia had the opportunity to guess by high-fiving the hand of her choice. I gave her three tries to guess boy hand or girl hand, even switching it up once to see what she'd do. All three times, she hit the girl hand regardless of which one it was.
James and I have interesting thoughts behind it. Though we'd both like a brother for Benjamin, we know God may always have different plans and we're okay with that. I think it's a girl just because I haven't gotten sick yet. Hannah's has been the only pregnancy I wasn't sick at this point and she was a girl. Ha. Sophia's pregnancy mirrored Benjamin's in most ways and yet she was a girl. And need I mention I've been wrong 2 of the 3 times I've guessed. :) James says it's a boy, just because he has a "hunch." He also says he's never been wrong on his guess. I'm pretty sure we both thought Hannah was a boy but he denies it.
So... that's the fun so far. We're thinking through boy and girl's names. I like to have the name settled on by the gender ultrasound so I can go ahead and give the baby a name and stop saying "it." We're sticking with the boy's name we had last time, Daniel Brian. We're not 100% on a girl's name yet, though we probably have a first name. I'll keep you posted there.
Enough for now! Thanks for journeying with us!
Until next time...

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