Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Health Fun

Parenting lately has been pretty entertaining because of some health issues. As I mentioned a few posts ago, James has had a lot of problems with his right hand/wrist lately. We've always assumed it was arthritis (he has a great deal of genetics playing against him). Today, a rheumatologist told him she thought it was probably gout. They did more blood work and xrays and we'll wait for further thoughts from her. Thursday he gets something called a TEE on his heart. It's basically an ultrasound inserted through the esophagus to check on the heart. James was told he has some thickening in one of his valves and so they are going to check everything out and see if there is anything to worry about.

Then about two weeks ago, I decided to start doing yoga again. Just a few days later, I started getting dizzy and nauseous. For some, that may mean little. For me, with a past of BPPV (positional vertigo), I knew otherwise. I went to the doc this morning and had my suspicion confirmed and retreated in office. So I get to sleep upright for the next two evenings and have to keep my head level for 48hrs. Add increasing muscle spasms behind my right shoulder blade and I think we're both falling apart! What in the world are we going to feel like if we live to be older!? We're only 33 and 29 now!

So... picture all of the above. Then add three children ages three and under. Plus one or two if I'm nannying. It can lead to some interesting days! Fortunately, God reminds us that He is strong in our weaknesses and we're definitely physically weak these days! And all this sounds horrible but it's usually not everything bothering both of us at once. There are little graces each day.

I'm in the process of planning Hannah's "Tangled" birthday party. That should be fun. We've started doing a little more school time each day, since she's not in a formal program. The hardest part of that is keeping Benjamin (2) and Sophia (2 1/2mo) entertained while doing so. I usually wait till Sophia is sleeping since she still does that a lot these days. Benjamin is a bit more challenging. Oh... and then potty training comes soon...

Until next time...

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