Thursday, December 16, 2010

Week 31: Playing in my Ribs

And so it continues.... the busyness that is. BUT, I was just looking at my calendar and after Saturday night, my family does not have another single thing planned in the evening for the next TWO WEEKS! Wow! I don't know that we've had a calendar like that ever! Of course that being said, we're social people and we're sure to add something, even just dinner with friends. And the fact that we do counseling with our church means that anything could come up unexpectedly. Still. I'm excited to see a blank calendar.

The Braxton-Hicks are getting much more frequent and stronger these days. If I've been sitting and I stand suddenly, I get a contraction. If I get really cold or anxious about something (like when I was watching Inception the other night), I get a contraction. It's really quite entertaining. I'm going to mention it to the midwife when I go back and see if she comments.

Sophia has started something new: playing in my ribs. :) I've really never experienced this with any of my previous pregnancies. My babies tend to be small (5.9 and 6.8lbs at birth) and I carry them very low. So I guess that means most of my interesting feelings and pains are in my pelvis and lower abdomen. Feeling the baby in my ribs is funny to say the least. I wonder if she's taller than my other two? Or maybe she's a jumper? haha We'll soon find out!

We're still getting over the snot here. Hannah's eyes are great now. The doctor did end up putting Benjamin on the drops as his eyes were just starting to look a little pink. She'd rather be proactive, all things considering. We just took him in because he'd been fussy and thought maybe he had an ear infection. Ears were clear though. Now if only I could get rid of my snot issues, we'd be set.

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