Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Week 7 - Pregnancy Fun

So in my last post, I mentioned the fatigue of pregnancy taking it's toll on me. Well, nausea has fully set in now. Right about 6 weeks pregnant, it smacked me in the face. I've been fortunate enough not to get sick yet. However, I almost constantly feel like I'm going to be sick. I've had to trade in most yummy foods for bland and boring - just to make sure it'll stay down. Milk has not been treating me well - though I'm trying for the calcium. Eggs are not sounding good now and I was eating an omelet every morning beforehand. Coffee is definitely out. And the list goes on. But alas, I'm trying really hard not to complain. If you're wondering what is going on in my world, constant fatigue and nausea. So now you know how to pray for me. ;)

I have my first prenatal appointment next week. It's primarily just a "history" appointment since I'm at a new OB. I'll be checked by the nurse this time for all the basic health concerns and we'll go over my previous pregnancy. My first true prenatal appointment will be in mid-October.
James asked me the other day what was the most different thing about this pregnancy then with Hannah. I didn't even have to pause to respond: Hannah is the most different thing. With the first pregnancy, I could rest, relax, nap, etc. whenever I pleased. Now I must work around her schedule and day to day needs. Of course, in addition to that, I didn't even start getting sick with Hannah until I was 12 weeks pregnant, then I was sick for three months. But even then, it was just at night (almost entirely). This time the nausea is all day long - ugh.

We have a friend from church temporarily rooming with us until her condo purchase is complete. Her name is Laura Roberts and she's one of the easiest roomates I've ever had (absolutely not knocking on previous one!). Of course, that may be easy to say when someone's only lived with you for a few weeks. In her great thoughtfulness, she prepared three meals for us ahead of time this week because she knows how hard of a time I've had with my energy. How sweet!

Well, I guess that's enough of pregnancy updates for now. ;) Hope you all are doing well!


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