Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Sad Day & a Sober Reminder

This morning I received an email with devastating news: one of my best friends from high school died Friday evening. Let me explain a little more about this situation. For privacy reasons, I'll call my friend "J."

I met J my Senior year of high school. She moved in with my best friend Rachel after struggling with her own family life up north. Rachel's dad was a pastor and they took her as their own. She had a baby already and struggled with what doctors label manic depression as well as bipolar disorder. There were times where the friendship was unstable because of these issues but we remained close friends none-the-less. After graduation, she was married, divorced, had another child and then fell off the radar. No one knew how to contact her or what had happened to her. She simply took off.

About two weeks ago, I received a Facebook message from who but J! It had been nearly 10 years since I'd heard from her so I was ecstatic. She asked me to give her a call when I got the chance and we'd catch up. For over a week, I kept postponing the call because of the busyness of life and the selfishness of my time. Finally, on Friday morning, I called. She was not available so I left a message and asked for her to call me when she could. Then today, I found out she died the very same evening! Of what you may ask (she was only 26)? From what we could gather from family, she drank too much, may have been on some sort of medication, got sick and choked to death on her own vomit. It makes me sick to even think of it.

Here was a girl who likely did not know the Lord. I kept postponing our conversation. Then her life is over! Like that! I did not take the opportunity to share the love of Christ. I did not even give her the time of day - literally - as I let me personal time be more important. I know J's salvation was in not my hands, and yet I feel I completely ignored the Spirit's leading in this situation. What a sober reminder that our days our numbered and I do not know how many opportunities I'll have to share to love of Christ with those around me. May I be pushed closer to Christ as a result of this tragedy.

Who have you failed to share this love with today? Don't make the mistake I did. Tell them!

In Christ,

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