Thursday, November 15, 2007

From Three to Seven (and Updates)

This blog is for those of you that may be checking in on this blog and wondering why there have been no recent updates. :)
Well, this weekend, my (Terra) sister and her family moved in with us. We've been very busy preparing and now adjusting to their arrival. In addition, I've also begun a new blog specifically directed towards women. It is called Titus 2 in Training and is located at Please check it out! ;)

We do hope to continue to use this blog to post family updates and encouragements in Christ. The following is from the latest blog I posted on the new Titus 2 site:

From Three to Seven

What used to be our somewhat quiet household of three, instantly grew to a rambunctious seven on Sunday. My sister, her husband and their two children (ages 2 and 4 ½ months) are now a part of our home.

Over the last month or so, James (my husband) and I have been praying diligently for my sister and her family. They’ve been married just about one month longer than James and I. Recently they’ve been struggling with various issues, but most importantly their spiritual growth. The most encouraging thing to me is that they are fully aware of their need to grow but just don’t know where to begin. By God’s grace, this is where our family will come into play. James and I do not believe we are the perfect example of Christian parents. We understand that we are not the perfect husband and wife. We also understand that we do not always live as we have been called as Christians. However, our prayer is that God will use our lives in a way that reflects the gospel of Jesus Christ. We don’t just want to offer “good” advice or teaching points. We truly want our lives to show we are practicing what we teach. We wish to follow James 1:22, “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” (ESV) Please pray for us as we seek to imitate Christ. Pray that we are intentional. Pray that we are patient and persevering.

It has been a joy spending time with my sis’ family for the last five days. God has already granted many good conversations and opportunities for growth. In the future, I’m sure I’ll have many blogs to write from our many experiences. Even just the fact that there are now 3 children, ages 2 and under living together should give me writing opportunities! ;)

I apologize for not having written more so far this week. It has been quite an adjustment figuring out my schedule these days! Lord-willing, I’ll get in the new groove and be back to writing regularly soon!

In Christ,
Terra Santos

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